App Release and Social Networking

This has been a bit of a nutty week. First off, last weekend was PAX East. While I didn't personally have a presence there, Schrader Heavy Industries did, and they passed around some of my cards for my LWRPG character sheet app.

Then, on Tuesday morning, my Fate Core Folio app was released on the apple app store. It's been doing fairly well. Nothing I'm going to get rich over, but people really seem to like it. The main purpose of it was of course a learning exercise. Fred Hicks from Evil Hat Productions posted it on Google+ and put a link out on the official Twitter. Finding all the threads of people commenting on it has kept me busy. I've been trying to respond to feedback wherever I get it. I got a considerable number of requests for an Android version. I'll definitely be working on a version for that platform.

On Wednesday, this thread popped up on Google+. The image in that has a bunch of little "goon cards" on the bottom right corner. What's interesting, is I designed those cards a couple years ago. I uploaded them to and didn't really think much about it. It's really cool to see someone liking and using them years later. I'm a much better graphic designer now than I was back then, I may have to update them.

I have this next week off of work for spring break, so I'm hopefully going to get a lot done with business stuff. I need to get some paperwork type stuff out of the way in addition to work on some apps. I should be able to crank out app #5 (an educational deal requested by a colleague) and get some progress made on the prototype for my Kickstarter plans. I'll probably go back and address some of the concerns with the Fate Core Folio as well. Maybe not some of the more complex things, but at least get some of the little bugs taken care of.