Emperor's New Clothes: My Thoughts

There's been a lot of rumbling about lately about the Kickstarter campaign for Emperor's New Clothes. If you're unfamiliar, it's a board game where all the cards, dice, markers, etc. are blank white. Of course the page for the campaign is written as if they are not blank. Right now the campaign has raised over $9000 (resisting DBZ reference). It should be noted that the campaign ends on April 1st.

I am a backer of the game. I fully expect to get a box full of blank pieces at some point in the future. Here's how the game will be played, the Steve Radabaugh way. The first player will distributes the pieces (fairly) as they see fit. They will then proceed to make up the rules for their first round of play. Turns will be taken following the rules that the first player claims to read off the rules page. Each following player will play off of the rules presented by previous players, and add more when they see fit. The goal of the game is to prove that someone else cannot see the pieces. If you get caught going against a previously stated rule, then you're out. Once a player is out, they can help judge disputes between other players. The last player standing wins.

For this to work, each player has to do a bit of suspension of belief. You need to play as if you don't know for sure that the other players can't see the pieces. I'm not sure how well it'll play. I think it would be an interesting experiment anyway. If you get a copy of the game (or use the print and play version) and play with my rules, let me know how it goes.