Hello World

During the 2011-2012 school year I was teaching a Graphic Communications class. I had a pair of students in there who decided to start calling me "Mr. Radicalbomb". I neither encouraged or discouraged this. Slowly a couple other students picked it up. One of my buddies who is an English teacher over heard one of the students calling me this. He decided to use the nickname himself. Now other students have heard him use it and followed suit. There's probably a dozen or so kids in the school now who call me by this name.

Today I decided to purchase Radicalbomb.com just because I think it sounds cool. I really didn't have a plan for it when I bought it, I just realized it wasn't taken, so I snagged it. I've been meaning to start up a blog again lately, so here we are.

On these pages I will document my adventure into self employment as I attempt to be an indie software developer. This will serve as my personal blog.

I am Steve Radabaugh, or "Mr. Radicalbomb".