Spring Break... kind of

This past week I've been on "Spring Break". That is, a break from my day job where I spent all day everyday working on my iOS projects. I was able to get beta versions of two different apps put together. It was a good trial run for what my life will be like after I quit the day job. I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted, as I got a lot of personal errands and things taken care of. (Haircut, oil change, etc etc).

The soil stage from Rock Cycle
The first app I got to Beta status this week is a Rock Cycle app. It simulates the "lifecycle" of a rock. Earth Science students will use it to study what happens to an individual rock through the ages of the earth. It's specifically designed to replace a large project that one of our Science teachers uses. I did all of the graphic design work on it, and I'm quite proud of the way it turned out. The only thing it really needs before it's done is more instruction for the end user on how to utilize it. I'm hoping to market it both to other high schools and to home school teachers.

The mountains stage from Rock Cycle
The other app I've been working on is an advice tracker called Consilium. I'm not quite ready to really talk about what it does. [warning: developer talk ahead] This is my first app using storyboards instead of individual xib files. I'm in love with storyboards. Unless I'm working on a single view application, I think I'll be sticking with storyboards from now on. The big advantage for me is to be able to see the overall flow of the application instead of just one screen at a time.

I also got some time to work on the prototype for my big kickstarter project. After I finish the projects I'm working on right now, I'll do some updates to the Fate Core Folio, then I'll focus on my kickstarter for a while. It's a bit daunting at the moment, and I really need to get to the point where I can break it down into smaller tasks.