Announcing: Tablets and Titans

I feel like I'm at a point now on my project where I can start to be more open about what I'm doing. In fact, I'm probably going to be a lot more open. I want to be as transparent as possible with this project.

I am working on a game called Tablets and Titans. It's a tabletop role playing game (such as Dungeons and Dragons) that is oriented around tablets. When I was working on my previous RPG character sheet apps (Fate Core Folio, and LWRPG Character Sheet) I got to thinking about what an app could accomplish if the RPG system were designed to work with the app, not the other way around.

With Tablets and Titans, the devices will all communicate with each other. A player will select a monster/enemy on his device and then choose the attack. His iPad will then roll the chance that the attack is successful and send the rolled value to the GM's (game master's) iPad. That iPad will either do a dodge or parry roll for the defender, and then determine if there is a hit or not, then send the success back to the player's iPad. The GM's iPad will also deduct the amount of damage done to the monster from it's total amount of hit points.

Like any other table top RPG, the GM will plan out the adventures in advance, and will narrate the action to the players. The app will take care of all the number crunching and will provide tools to the GM to help them track what is going on.

In addition to combat, the GM will be able to ask the players for specific skill rolls, or present them with a challenge that they can try a variety of skills to overcome. Such as, if there is a locked door in the player's way, they can choose to either pick the lock, or smash the door. The GM will be able to set the difficulty of each skill that can open the door.

The overall interface for the app will be modelled more like a video game RPG than a standard paper character sheet. I am considering a second option for a layout that looks more like something a veteran table top gamer is used to.

I'm working on getting a playable prototype together before GenCon. I'll have some slots in the First Exposure Playtest Hall where people can come try the game. I'm also going to be launching on Kickstarter about a week before GenCon so that I can use the convention to help feed the publicity.

Like I said above, I'm going to try to be as transparent about everything that I can with this game. I am going to try really hard to not promise any features that I won't be able to deliver on. I'll be posting a few developer diaries here as I go along.