I've spent the last day or so putting some polish on one of my other apps, so I thought I'd talk about it a little bit. It's called Consilium Advice Tracker. It's for tracking advice that you are given. You can tag the advice, mark who gave it to you, and rate it. The idea is that over time you will have a personal database of advice that you can go back to. I can see it being useful when going to Cons. I might put in all the things people tell me to do at Gen Con, and tag them with Gen Con. I can also see it being very useful for high school seniors as people are constantly giving them advice and they never remember it all. As you rate advice, you can start to see patterns of people who tend to give bad advice and people who tend to give good advice.

I'm strictly developing this for iOS 7. Partly because the whole thing really is a way for me to get used to coding for iOS 7. I'm hoping to have it up on the app store right away when iOS 7 is released.

The other cool thing I'm doing is using the Dropbox Datastore API. This allows me to store all of the data in Dropbox instead of in local databases. I have it syncing quite nicely so that you can have multiple devices all looking at the same information. This may not be a huge benefit, but if you switch to a new phone, or have to wipe your phone, the data is safe. Of course, I also wanted to get used to programming the Dropbox Datastore API so that I can use it in other apps. So really, the main purpose of Consilium is for me to learn new tricks.

It'll be on the App Store for $1 whenever iOS 7 is released. (Sept 20th maybe?)