Life as a Stay at Home Game Developer

It's been a month now since I quit my job with the school district. The first two weeks were pretty crazy with a trip to Ohio, but now I've been home working on my project for a solid two weeks. It's been different working in the basement while either Sarah or the nanny are upstairs with the kids. It's not easy for me to ignore the sound of crying children, well, not when it's my children.

The project (Tablets & Titans) is coming along really well. I'm now at a point with it where I'm happy to play-test it at Gencon. I have combat working well, and non-combat skill checks are also working. I still need to write the adventure that the players will be going through in the play-test sessions.

I've also been spending a lot of my time working on marketing for the Kickstarter campaign for Tablets & Titans. It's launching on Tuesday, and I have a few places that will be blogging about it, or putting up a link for it, or at least putting it on their social networks. I also have a bunch of emails set to go out after the Kickstarter launches. (Thank you Boomerang!) Here with three days left, I'm feeling pretty confident about it.

I'm at kind of a funny point right now. I still have three days left before I launch, and I don't really have a whole lot left that I need to do. I'll send out a press release to a couple blogs that I haven't touched base with yet on Monday. The Gencon adventure doesn't need to be done for another week and a half, I should get that mostly plotted out this weekend.

I have to say, having time to follow my dream is good. It's really good.


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