Black Death & Super Heroes Part 2

A week ago, I wrote a bit about my take on Super Heroes in the time of the Black Death. I'm going to expand on the Super Hero aspect of that a bit.

In this alternate reality, the powers that the characters have came from a meteor. As it entered Earth's atmosphere, it broke up, and fragments of it landed in various places around Europe. Each of the characters has at some point before our campaign come into contact with one of those fragments. The energy that granted super powers transferred out of the fragment and into whomever absorbed it. Each fragment will have a slight green glow to it, which will make any future fragments that pop up in the campaign easy to identify.

Of course, having more of the fragments pop-up through out the campaign will be what makes things interesting. What will people do with them? The players will be creating characters that choose to be heroic. I think it would be fair to say that most people might not choose that path.

In terms of power level, I'm thinking closer to X-Men, or Alphas, or Heroes level stuff, not so much Superman or Green Lantern. I feel like that fits the stories that we're trying to tell a bit better.

Since the game will be run using Fate Core, I intend to use the Super Powers system out of Wild Blue. I like it's method to have the players complete the sentence:
"I have the power to _____________________ . . . but ____________________"
I also like the benefits and costs that go with it. I think it's a super simple way to build out the powers.

Of course, if I ever do publish this, I'll probably build everything in both Fate Core and in Savage Worlds.

Tomorrow my regular group is going to play it's first game of Fate. To give them an introduction, I'm going to run them through the play-test adventure for Jade Punk.