iOS 7 and things (Quite a bit about Fate Core Folio V2)

I pushed two apps up to the app store this week, which will hopefully  be approved in time for the iOS 7 launch next Wednesday.

The first one is Consilium which I've talked about a bit before. I spent some extra time polishing it up since I talked about it last time. No major changes, just a cleaner interface. 

The other one is the updated version of Fate Core Folio. I'm calling this version 2.0 because it's a pretty significant redesign. For the most part, things are laid out where they were before, but I took a cue from Apple and removed all the skeuomorphism. I also added dropbox syncing support (using the dropbox data store API and Parcelkit to link that to the Core Data that I was using.) I even suggested a change to parcelkit so that I could keep it functional on iOS 5.

Frequently when I post about this app on Google+, I get a few feature requests and suggestions. I take all of those, and add them to a note I keep in Evernote. Then when I go back to it to do changes, I go through that list and consider more things to add. This time based on multiple requests, I added a notes section.  It's just a popup window (or separate screen on iPhone) where you can type in notes about the character or the adventure that character is on.

The other thing I added is better support for Fate Accelerated Edition. Now when you create a new character, it asks if it's a Fate Core character or Fate Accelerated Character. Accelerated characters will have a different default skill list (I didn't rename skills to approaches, I'll do that in the next revision) and will now by default just get the 3 stress boxes. Of course, stress can still be overridden in the options menu.  I'll be adding in more default character types. Atomic Robo is definitely going to be added about when the book for that comes out.

On the Tablets & Titans front, I've been working on the LARP (Live Action Role Play) version. The big difference is allowing players to challenge each other to duels. This version is only being developed for a proof of concept playtest for METATOPIA. Depending on how that goes, I'll probably start development on a new LARP product after METATOPIA to bring to other cons in the future.