Reflection and Looking Ahead on my Kickstarter

This is straight up reposted from my kickstarter update. I thought it deserved to be here as well. I'll probably post a bit more on lessens learned later.


We didn't make the funding goal.  We had a good run, and made it a bit over 50%, which is not a catastrophic failure by any means. But, what went wrong? At this point I believe that there were 2 big obstacles that prevented this from funding.

First, (the smaller one):I should have waited. This might have been more successful if the game engine was a bit more baked. I really wanted to have the Kickstarter active while I was at GenCon, so I ran it earlier than I probably should have.

Second (the big one): I'm trying to sell people here on both a new game and a new way to play games. That's really a double whammy, and I think a lot of people balked at that. This probably would have been much more successful had it been a new way to play some existing RPG. I still like the idea of an RPG that is designed for the app, but that's a hard sell.

There are several other things that hindered this. Lack of exposure being another big one.

Looking Ahead

So, what's next? Will Tablets & Titans still be released? Maybe, but it'll be a while. Will I run another Kickstarter? I doubt it (for several reasons I won't go into here).

I'm still committed to making a LARP (Live Action Role Play) assistant app based off of what I've done here to bring to Metatopia. The game mechanics on it will probably be based on the Avatar system that Double Exposure uses for their various cons.

I've been putting some time into updating the Fate Core Folio app that I already have out. I have a bunch of awesome new features in it and will be pushing that out shortly after iOS7 comes out. I'm going to get started on the Android version of Fate Core Folio that I've been promising since the iOS version was released.

Between the LARP assistant, Fate Core Folio, and various contract/freelance work, I'll be plenty busy at least until November.

However, I am not letting the dream die of changing the way people play Tabletop RPGs. I plan to take what I've developed here and apply it to other systems. I don't know yet exactly what I'll be doing. It would probably make sense to create some sort of GM interface for Fate and have it talk to player devices since I already have an existing app to work from. I don't want to stop there. I'll be considering other systems as well.