A Couple Big Name Kickstarters

I thought I'd talk a bit about a couple of bigger Kickstarter projects in the Tabletop gaming industry that are going on right now.

Golem Arcana by Harebrained Schemes LLC

There's about 2 weeks left on this one, and they are at 53% of their goal. They are in the middle of their mid-campaign slump right now.  This is interesting to me, because they're trying to use tablets with a tabletop strategy game. Something that I definitely have an interest in, and something I might be attempting myself in the future.

There was a lot of buzz around this when it first launched. I can't speak for other people why they aren't backing, but for me, I think the required stylus pen is the problem. When I watch the videos of people playing, it seems really fiddly to me. It's definitely not the way I would go about creating a tablet driven tabletop strategy game. I would have the users input the necessary information onto the device, and use the device to keep track of the information and a place to look up the rules. Maybe present options to the players of what moves they can make. It just seems like an unnecessary piece of technology added to the game.

Ultimately I'm not backing it because it's more than I'm willing to pay for a game that I'm just not going to play very much.

Dragon Kings by Timothy Brown

This just launched yesterday and is at 43%. I have no doubts that it will fund. It's an interesting project in that it's an RPG Campaign setting, and a concept music album. It's a spiritual successor to Dark Sun, which I'm a fan of. Right now, there's no way to get the RPG material without also getting the music. They've said that they are re-structuring things, and will have that as an option later. Personally, all I really want is a PDF of the book, and I would have to pay $70 to get that right now.  I'm going to be keeping my eye on this waiting for them to re-do the levels.

Reaper Bones II: The Return of Mr. Bones by Reaper Miniatures

The original Reaper Bones project holds the record for most funding for any tabletop gaming project, and is fourth place in gaming projects overall. This is their follow up. It's a great big pile of miniatures for gaming for $100. They've cut out all the excess this time around, and there's really only one option for backing. This thing is on fire, it was fully funded in 3 minutes, and it's raised over half a million dollars in less than 3 hours.

Reaper really knows how to set up a Kickstarter project. One of the reasons that these go so well is that as more people back, the better the value is for everyone backing. Half of the stretch goals add more product to the base backer level. As I type this, you get 105 minis for $100. Initially that number was only 54 minis. By the time it ends, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being close to 200.

I dropped my backing on the original project because it overlapped with Gen Con, and I needed to save my gaming money for the convention. This time I'm not missing out. If you want to have a lot of minis for your games at a good price, this is the way to go.