My Metatopia Schedule

In two days I'll be heading to New Jersey for the Metatopia game designer's conference.  As it seems to be the trendy thing to do, here's my schedule for the weekend.

Thursday Night:
Socializing with other game designers at the bar.

9:00 am - S.A.L.T. L086 - This is the first proof of concept test for my Larp Tool that I'm developing. Yes, S.A.L.T. stands for "Steve's Awesome Larp Tool".  It's.... a working title.

11:00 am - "Storium" focus group. I'm super interested in this as it's another method to bring together technology and tabletop gaming. Something I have a bit of a passion for.

12:00 pm - "The Best Ideas to Steal From Other Games". This just looks like an interesting panel with some interesting panelists.

1:00 pm - LUNCH

3:00 pm - "Using Adobe Software". This is my panel where I will be showing some of the fundamentals of the main three adobe products that RPG professionals typically use. I'll try to taylor this to the audience as much as I can.

4:00 pm - "KristaCon: An Introduction to LongCons".  What are LongCons? I'll tell you after I go to this.

6:00 pm-ish - Dinner with Dave Schrader!

9:00 pm - "Odyssey" Beta Test.  I'm actually pretty bummed that this is the exact same time as Epyllion. I'd like to do both. This should be awesome. Will's a great designer, and I'm sure this will be fun. There's an IndieGoGo campaign live now for it.

9:00 am - S.A.L.T. L210 - Kicking off day two with another test of my game.

11:00 am - "Iron Edda" Alpha Test. I know Tracy Barnett through the IGDN, and I'm looking forward to his upcoming kickstarter for this.

1:00 pm - LUNCH

4:00 pm - "Hobo Fun Time Adventure Game". I have a lot of respect for Dave Chalker. This is his game about Hobos based on John Hodgeman's book. Some day, I'm going to run a one-shot RPG based on the Hobo Wars.

6:00 pm - IGDN dinner!

9:00 pm - "Dangerous Mechanics: Rules That Looked Good On The Surface". Hosted by Kenneth Hite, Will Hindmarch, Rob Donoghue & Jason Pitre. That's four people who each individually deserve some mad respect. Can one room hold that much awesome?

10:00 am - S.A.L.T. just like the other 2 days, but an hour later.

11:00 am - "Press Start: Embracing Video Games And Digital Tools For Analog Design". Yeah, this is so far up my alley it's a bit uncomfortable. Ditching my own playtest for this. (no really, I want to make sure that they can run it without me.)

I fly out Sunday afternoon, so I'll scoot out quickly after this panel.