Some Musings on the Fate Core RPG

I've been playing quite a bit of Fate Core lately, and I thought I'd relate some thoughts on it.

My Wednesday night group is now two weeks into the Black Plague/Super Heroes campaign. They're still getting used to the Fate Point economy, and creating advantages. Right now there's quite a bit of hand holding going on. They were fighting a big super powered brute last night. One character kept throwing flasks of different chemicals at it. I had each of those create a new aspect on the brute. For the record, one was an acid (created the "Acid Burned" aspect), and the other was chloroform (created the "Drowsy" aspect). Another character, the preacher, was working on compelling the brute's sense of piety which managed to create a couple more aspects, "Distracted", and "Self Doubting".  Finally the guy who can actually fight in the group took the brute out with a huge attack that tagged 3 of those aspects.

As a game, I'm really digging the Fate system. It's just so easy to run, NPCs are a breeze to come up with off the cuff. I really don't ever have to dig through the books looking for a rule. I do usually keep the cheat sheet from the back of the book in front of me for quick reference, but that's pretty much it.

Our group has done a lot more of actual playing since we started using Fate. We've been gaming almost every Wednesday for the last 5 years, so we've gotten to be good friends and we tend to chat a lot. There have been quite a few nights in the past that we didn't get any actual gaming done, just BS for a couple hours then go home. Fate has helped bring the game back to game night.

A couple of my players have been using the Fate app that I created. It seems to be working fairly well. I tend to still use physical Fate Points with them, just because that way everyone can see how many they have. Once I get the update done that will have the iPads talking to each other, I may stop doing that. Will just have to see how that goes.

I've been working on a GM view for the app. This basically combines my ideas from Tablets & Titans with Fate. It's not communicating with other devices yet, but it's working well enough that I was able to use it last night in my game. For the most part, it's awesome. The downsides right now are that the players can't see what's on the screen, and that information is stuff that they really need to see. Adding in the communication part so they can get the info they need on their iPads will help. Maybe playing with a TV and doing screen mirroring would help too.

If I get this more functional I may try to do some testing while I'm at Metatopia. I'd really like to get some feedback from the people who are more experienced with the system then I am. Just need to see how far I get in the little bit of time remaining before I go to that.


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