Announcing My Next Game

I wrote a bit in my last post about a card game that I'm turning into an app. I've decided it's time for me to talk a bit more about it. (I was a bit inspired by this article.)

It's (tentatively) called Dungeon Marauders. You have a deck of cards that represents a hero. You'll go through dungeons of 5 rooms (each one being a card). Right now these dungeons are randomly generated. You draw three cards at a time that have different abilities as you try to progress through the dungeon. When you win, you earn some gold and you have a chance at getting some loot. Right now that loot is extra cards that can be used to customize your deck.

The dungeons that you go through will eventually belong to other players. As you collect different types of treasure, you'll put it into your own dungeon to lure people in. You'll also need to collect stronger monsters and traps for your dungeon.  Having other players lose in your dungeon is going to be a major goal.

Health regenerates slowly between dungeons. Right now it's set to 1 hit point per minute, but I'm sure that I'll be tweaking that. Tomorrow I'm going to work on adding in a health potion that can be purchased with the gold that you win to help get you back into delving sooner.

I'm going to have several classes of heroes that you can choose from. Right now only the warrior class is implemented. I would say that this is still in pretty early alpha, but I've only been really focused on it since I got back from Metatopia.  Everything so far has been going really well on it. I'll need to start shopping around for an artist fairly soon. Right now all of the icons are from (Which is a great source for icons for prototyping games).

The game is going to be free to play with iAP (in app purchases.) I'm dedicated to making it not pay to win. The plan for things you'll be able to buy is the ability to play more (either health potions directly, or a second currency that can buy health potions.) Also maybe some extra classes that you an try.

I'm going to try to get the initial public release out in February or March. I'd like to have it going when the convention season gets into full gear next year. I have some special convention events planned that I'll write about in a future post. I know that this type of free to play game is more of a marathon than a sprint. Once it's out there will be continuous maintenance and updates to it.