2014 May Be The Year I Go Back To Optical Media

It was about a year ago that I decided I was done with Optical Media. (My Optical Media, I mean DVD, Blu-Ray, and physical Games.) Instead I was going to get all of my media through digital purchases.

I've been mainly using Amazon to purchase movies. That way they're watchable on my Xbox, Computer and iPad. However, I'm getting really frustrated. My wife has bought several things for my daughter on her account, and I've bought things on my account (which is the prime account.) Now on our family iPad we can either have my wife signed in so that we can have the things for our daughter downloaded, or me signed in to watch free prime movies.  Switching between accounts means having to delete all of the current files and redownload them later. Plus I have a nice little Nexus 7 hanging out that would be great for an extra video player when traveling, but it doesn't have an Amazon Prime app.

I also have a few videos in Flixster through ultraviolet. I'm really not even sure which videos are in there, and I don't have them downloaded on any of my devices.

None of these formats allow me to get a lower quality version of the videos so that I can fit more onto an iPad, because really, my daughter doesn't care of La La Loopsey is in 720p or 380i, but she does care how many episodes are available.

With DVDs and Blu-Ray it's not entirely legal to make digital copies, but at least I can have everything in one place, and manage the quality and filesize myself.

As far as Videogames go, I'm still going to be sticking to Steam for my PC games. It's easy to transfer them to other computers. I can pretty much live with the DRM that's involved. For my Xbox, I'm going to stick to physical games as well. For one, you can often get them cheaper if you find something on sale, plus you still have the ability to trade/lend/sell them. So again it's coming down to freedom to do what I want with my stuff.