Conventions and Dungeon Marauders (the awesome part about this game)

I haven't talked much about some of the more exciting aspects that I'm going to have in my game for a couple reasons. Both them are silly. First is that natural "My ideas are too awesome to share, they might get stolen." The second is fear of not delivering what I promise and sounding like Peter Molyneux. Like I said, both of them are silly.

I'm going to be running special events at conventions that go with Dungeon Marauders. To be able to do either of them, you will need to check into the game while at the convention. I'll check GPS to make sure that you're at least near by.

The first will be a world boss fight. The convention will be "under attack" by a giant monster, most likely a dragon, but this should vary from convention to convention. Each time someone attacks it, they'll whittle down it's health a little bit. It should take many people attacking it over the course of a day to kill it. Once it dies, everyone who helped kill it (even a little bit) will get special loot. The person who did the most damage and the person who did the killing blow might get something extra special, but even that person standing in line next to you who has never played the game until you recruited them to help kill the dragon will get special loot. If the monster dies quickly, then I'll have it come back the next day (possibly stronger).

The second is what I'm calling (thanks to Jason) "Booth Beasts". Different booths at the convention will be able to get a QR code sign for their booth. Anyone who scans the QR code from within the game will be able to do a special dungeon that will end with a unique monster for that Booth. Killing the monster will add it to your personal monster deck. It'll only be available by finding the QR codes at the convention. This aspect will work better for some conventions than others.

My plan right now is to have the game done by Anime Detour (April 4-6th in Minneapolis). I want to run these events there. It's a smaller convention, about 6000 people, so it'll be a good test. Instead of putting booth beasts in their crazy crowded dealer room, I'll place them in other places around the con.

After that, I want to run these at Origins Game Fair in June, and Gen Con in August. Future plans will kind of depend on how those go. Pax Prime is another possibility, but would be more difficult to get into. I really need to get the game finished before I make too many big plans for the future.