Dungeon Marauders: What Still Needs to be Done

This post is going to pretty much be me thinking aloud on what needs to be done yet with Dungeon Marauders.

This is what my To Do list looks like right now. Some of these items are pretty broad things that will turn into many items once I dig into them.  This list really isn't in any specific order, I'll get that bug fixed before I tackle anything else, but after that I need to pick one to go after next.
  • Fix bug: empty rooms crashes dungeon builder
  • add fairies for healing
  • Find Art
  • Tell player about people who have attacked their dungeon
  • Push notification when full health
  • Change Class
  • Leveling up
  • Gear instead of cards?
  • able to earn monsters
  • Share dungeon with QR Code
  • class abilities
  • bring a friend on dungeon
  • Convention Monsters
  • Special dungeons with special loot
Right now, I'm giving players back 1 hp every minute that they aren't in a dungeon. The problem is when you play, normally you'll need to wait 10-15 minutes to heal up after every dungeon. You can spend gold on healing potions to get you back in quickly, but you'll run out of gold if you do that too much. To let people play more, but still have a limit, I'm thinking of giving the players 3 fairies. Each one will heal you in full but they'll recharge slowly over time. So, you can heal up to full 3 times for free every hour and a half or so. With the regular HP recharge time, that means you can easily have 4 dungeon runs without spending gold on healing potions. I'll probably add that next week to see how it goes.

I think today I'm going to start awarding dungeon cards along with the hero cards on dungeon runs. I'll reset everyone's dungeon to a very simple one so that they can start building them up. With this, I'm going to increase all loot drop chances. Right now, when you successfully run a dungeon you have a 15% chance to win a hero card. I might try a guaranteed drop. It'll be a coin toss as to if you get a hero card or a dungeon card.

Something that I had originally planned was to tie the cards that you have available for your hero deck to the gear that you're wearing. For example: Everyone would get basic attack cards, enough to fill the deck. Your class would give you a couple cards, the Warrior would get some Mighty Attack cards. Then the Warriors sword would give Cleave cards, and their shield would give Block. In reality, right now there are just cards, and you can get extra cards of any type from the dungeon runs as loot. I'm starting to think that the current solution is simpler and I should keep it. If I switch, then people will start to get useless loot. "This new sword has 3 cleave cards. The one I have also has 3 cleave cards, so I guess I'll sell it."

Feel free to give me feedback on any of this stuff. Oh, and if you have an iOS 7 device, and want to alpha/beta test, go fill out this form: http://bit.ly/IVCSyR