XBox One

I managed to get myself an Xbox One as an early Christmas present. I didn't really decide that I wanted one until the release day, so that made it a bit difficult to actually obtain one. I've heard stories of piles of them in stores in NYC, but out here in Wyoming, they're not so easy to find. I used to track when websites had them available to order. Over Thanksgiving I went to Denver, and kept my eye out for any sitting on store shelves. Friday Morning we were driving down I25 when I checked nowinstock on my phone, and saw that they were available on Target's website. I quickly ordered one and got my confirmation. I kept looking in physical stores throughout the weekend to try to get one quicker than the week and a half that Target quoted me for delivery. I didn't try as hard to find one, as I had a guarantee to eventually get one. I came home from Denver empty handed, but content as I had the promise of one from Target.

Tuesday Amazon got some in stock. Target still hadn't shipped, so I quickly ordered one from Amazon, and cancelled the Target order. This saved me a good bit of money as I got to avoid sales tax and shipping charges. My prime shipping kicked in as well, so I got it 2 days later. Mine was in hand almost 2 weeks after launch. Not too bad.

I spent a long time trying to decide which of the 2 new consoles were for me. Ultimately it came down to the fact that I love talking to my technology. I switched from Android to iPhone when Siri first came out. I still use Siri all the time. Being able to talk to my Xbox, and have it work well, is great. I'm not even entirely sure how to turn the thing off without using my voice. I'd assume it's the same way as with the 360, but I've never tried. It understands me most of the time even when I'm not over-enunciating. There's still room for improvement, but I'm confident it'll get better. (Right now it's a bit cumbersome to launch Netflix and start watching a specific show). 

As for games, I grabbed Assassin's Creed 4, and all the characters for Killer Instinct. AC4 isn't exclusive, so I won't say much other than I'm having a blast being a pirate. Killer Instinct is awesome. I love fighting games but I'm not very good at them. After doing a little bit of the tutorials, I can pretty regularly get pretty good combos. I just wish that my fightstick worked on the new hardware.