Dungeon Marauders: Gear and Leveling

It's been a little while since I've written about Dungeon Marauders.

I've now completely switched how heroes earn cards. In the old days, you would randomly get a card for completing a dungeon delve. It would either be a monster, or a hero card. It's still randomly giving dungeon cards (at a much slower rate), but the hero cards available are now based on a combination of the hero's equipment and class.

Right now, everyone is still a fighter class, and they start with a Long Sword and a small Shield. Here's the breakdown of cards they get:

  • Cleave - 3 from Long Sword
  • Quick Attack - 3 from Long Sword
  • Block - 3 from Small Shield
  • Mighty Strike - 2 from Fighter Class
Everyone then gets 3 Find Traps and enough Basic Attack cards to get up to a full deck of 20 cards. There are a couple extra pieces of gear that can be purchased to give different amounts of cards. Such as a Rapier which has 5 Quick Strikes and 2 Cleaves, or a Dagger which has 4 Quick Strikes and and extra Block. I'll be adding quite a big more options in the future. Right now, it's important to me that I have the functionality implemented for these things to be available.

I've also started Class abilities. These will be things that each hero can do once per delve. The Fighter can multiply the value of his next attack by 4. My plan when I add a Rogue will be to have a Sneak Attack which will multiply damage and also prevent him from taking damage but will only be usable on the first turn in a room.

The next thing I'm working on is leveling up. When your hero levels up, you'll be able to choose one of several ways to upgrade. The plan right now is to choose from increasing your max health, increasing the number of class cards you have (Mighty Strike for Fighter), or increase the amount of damage that a Basic Attack does. I'm still pondering on this a bit. I think I would like to do some skill tree type things so  you are limited to how many times you can upgrade your health. I want to eventually allow heroes deviate away from the 20 cards per deck rule. Maybe with an upgrade at a higher level allow for 19-21 cards.