Dungeon Marauders Interface Tweaks

Old Interface
I've spent quite a bit of time recently playing around with the interface on Dungeon Marauders. I got some of the art in from my artists. Here's the Goblin as it looks in the game. You can see in the second screen, the background behind the Goblin is darker to help bring the focus onto him. I also brought the color of all the other UI pieces up to the same color as the top and bottom of the monster card. I've also been playing around with fonts. I'm not entirely sure that this is these are the font choices that I'm going to stick with, but I think it's much improved.

The map on the left side shows which room of the dungeon you are in. Previously I just put an X on every room that you've been in including the current. Now, every cleared room gets an X, but the room you are in gets a red dot. I know for me, it pulls my attention in a bit more so I notice which room I am in.

Tweaked Interface.

I still need to get rid of the ugly 'i' in a circle on the Hero cards. It's a help icon to tell you what the card is. I just need to get a new icon for it.

I also did some work on the dungeon building process. I'm now you can only have 2 of each type of card in your dungeon, and any card that is marked as a Boss can only go in the last room. Right now, only the Troll is marked as a boss, but in reality, that's just for testing. Once I get more monster cards put in, I'll have different bosses.

The game is coming along nicely. I still have quite a bit to do, but I'm pretty confident that I'll hit my Mid March release target.