Dungeon Marauders - Mileposts to release

I'm starting to get to the point on Dungeon Marauders where I'm marching towards release. I sat down this morning and looked at the features that still needed to be implemented and wrote out my mileposts.
2/14 - News, Stats and Game Center
2/17 - Move to Heroku - Postgres SQL
2/19 - Share Dungeon - QR Code
2/21 - Tutorial - Custom Dungeon
2/26 - More Monsters and Loot
2/28 - Convention Monsters - Need GPS coordinates
3/7 - UI Improvements and Bug fixes - push notifications if time
3/10 - Send to App Store
The dates are my personal deadlines for each thing. Bug Fixes is pretty much an ongoing process, I'm not just saving all of them until the last week. I'll also work on tweaking the UI here and there as I go as it uses a different part of my brain and sometimes I need a break from coding. It feels pretty good having some set deadlines.

The logo up above is the latest version. A friend suggested that it could use some texture, and I agree. I'll add that to it before I push out a version with it to the testers.