Dungeon Marauders - 4 days post release

Dungeon Marauders came out last week Thursday. So far over 25,000 games have been played. Over 1700 people have at least started one game. (400 or so have loaded it, but never gone in a dungeon.) Comments that I've gotten have been pretty mixed. It seems that most people really like the gameplay, art, and music, but they feel like the game is unfinished or at least unpolished. I will certainly keep working on the game to make it better.

My biggest fear with the game would be that I would mess up the in app purchase model. It seems I've done that. After Apple takes their cut, so far I've earned about $25, which is a bit of a disaster. I'm going to be completely re-working the in app purchases so that they're more enticing.

This coming weekend I'll be going to Anime Detour to run some of my convention features there. That of course will be on top of the normal things I do at that convention, so it should be a busy weekend. At least this time, I won't be taking any students along with me. Once I get back I'll start working heavily on Dungeon Marauders version 1.1.

This is just the flat part of my hockey stick graph.