Dungeon Marauders - Marching toward release

The Current Menu
At this point, Dungeon Marauders is in feature lock. That is, I won't be adding any more major features until after it's released.  I declared feature lock a week ago, and have been working on polishing the heck out of what exists. Mainly working on the interface and trying to balance out the classes a bit better.

I'm now waiting for a couple of artists to turn in their final art. They both got tied up with other projects, and had to delay a little bit. I'm also working with a someone on getting sound effects into the game. Apart from getting the sound tied in, I really only have a couple minor things to do. My goal was to submit to Apple on the 10th, but even if I don't submit until the 20th I can still hit my goal of having the game released in time for Anime Detour.

Today I worked on adding in some tutorial alerts throughout the game to help new players know what to do. I also finished cleaning up the different views. Making sure that everything is on the same font and whatnot.

Bosses are now foil!
I have the location aware bosses working. I even put a Dragon in Thermopolis yesterday and had my testers who live there kill it. It took them collectively 25 delves to kill a 500 hit point dragon. I'm going to have to scale the ones for bigger conventions up more than I thought I would.

I'm still hoping right now to have the game release on March 20th, if I can't make that, then I'll launch on the 26th.