Announcing: Kudogram

I've hinted in the past that I'm working on a new project called KudoGram. I'm ready to start talking a bit more about it.

KudoGram is all about recognizing people when you catch them doing something right. Most leaders wait too long to reward/recognize people. The potency of the reward is lost when you wait too long.

At its heart, KudoGram is a template-based email app. When you catch someone doing something right, you can open the app, select the person, choose a pre-written message, and hit send. It only takes four clicks to send a message congratulating someone on a job well done. Simple messages work best. Something like "Hey John, I just overheard you having a great conversation with one of our clients. Keep up the good work." can really improve our hypothetical John's day.

Teachers can also benefit from KudoGram. You just load in class lists along with parent email addresses. Then, you can send quick notes home to your students' parents saying things like "Just now, Johnny was doing a great job in leading discussion in his group." That's the sort of thing that parents rarely hear from teachers, and they would really appreciate knowing. Students also really react when they know that their parents are getting emails about what they're doing right.

I'm really excited about this app, and I can't wait for it to get released to the public. I have a few things left to finish on it. I'm hoping to submit it to Apple by the end of April.