Awesome Things That Are On My Mind Lately

Tomorrow I'm off to Minnesota, once again,  for Anime Detour. This time I'm not taking any highschool students with me, so it's much less stressful! I'm excited to spend some time with my Anime Detour friends, and to see some of my other Minneapolis friends. I'll also be doing some promoting of Dungeon Marauders there. It'll be the first convention that I do the convention specific things at.

I've been playing around with the Steam In-Home Streaming a bit this week. It's awesome! I  used it to play Batman, Arkham City on my little Acer Revo that's hooked to the TV. That computer is meant for playing netflix and really nothing else. It has no business trying to run videogames, but since it wasn't doing the work, the game ran super smooth at 720p. 

I also discovered that it can be used to play games that aren't even from steam. I keep shortcuts to the games that I have installed separate in steam just to have things together. So, just for an experiment, I loaded up Freelancer, which is not a steam game, on my Macbook. To my surprise, it worked without a problem. This means that it should work with things like World of Warcraft, or anything really.

I've been on a topdown-SHMUP kick lately. I've been playing Phoenix HD on my iPad, and RefleX on my PC. It's a genera of games that I keep going back to. I grew up playing Space Invaders on my 386, and I've always loved the type of game. I've been trying to find a good one for my 3DS, but there doesn't seem to be any that appeal to me. I'm going to start (slowly) working on my own shmup game. I've been playing around a bit learned Unity for game development. It's super easy to work with, so I may have something half playable before too long. I won't be able to focus on it like I have with Dungeon Marauders these past few months, so it won't be too fast.

Last weekend, I organized my controller cabinet. I wanted it to be a bit like a gun display case. I joked with Sarah that I'm going to replace the door with a glass one. I made some wall clips to hold the ones on the wall. Super easy to make, and pretty awesome as well. I think I'm going to make three more to get another row off the bottom. That will have to wait until I get back from Minnesota.