Update From the Cave

Whenever I read a blog post or email list thingy from an interesting writer, it always makes me want to write really cool and interesting blog posts. This probably isn't one.

I've been working this week on making Dungeon Marauders look better. The first thing I'm doing is replacing all of the stock iOS alerts with custom ones that are prettier. I've pretty much got the code for them working, now I just need to go through the entire app and replace all of the old alert calls.

It'll be pretty easy to change the look of them more after the code is in, but I'm much happier with how they look now than they used to.

I'm trying to juggle priorities between Dungeon Marauders and project: KudoGram. I'm not really ready to announce much about project: KudoGram yet. I will say that it's not a game at all, it's a productivity app for anyone who oversees other people. I'm focusing both on teachers and employers/managers. It's at near 100% functionality, it just needs a lot of work making it as clean and user friendly as possible.

In a thread on Google+ yesterday, someone said that their pod-cast listening habit was encroaching on their audiobook time. I think that's funny, because I feel exactly the opposite. I haven't listened to podcasts hardly at all since I stopped my regular commute, and I feel a bit disconnected for it. I'm very seriously thinking about cancelling my Audible subscription so that I can get back to listening to podcasts. Maybe doing so can get me back into the habit of actually reading books with my eyes, something that I haven't done in a while.

I don't think the standard music discovery services are really accomplishing much for me these days. Sure, I can hear new stuff that sounds similar to stuff that I already listen to, but I'd like to branch out more than that. I'm going to spend some time playing around with Soundcloud. It seems that's where alternative music is happening these days. Maybe I'm completely wrong about that. At least it seems to have more granular control over types of music.

That's probably enough rambling about various things for now.