Configuring my Social Presence

I've been taking an online class by Chris Brogan called Digital Business Mastery. I don't agree with 100% of it, but it's really made me think more about my online presence and managing it.

--Warning, this post is mostly me thinking out loud--

Right now, I have things spread pretty thin. I have this blog, which is just my personal blog where I put things that I'm thinking of. I'm not actively trying to get people to read this, but I do put a lot of things here about the apps I'm working on and I direct people to those posts if they want to know more about those apps. I really should move those posts over to which doesn't currently have a blog. I don't, because I don't want to spread myself that much thinner.

For social networks, I have four twitter accounts. One of me, one for spqrsoft, one for KudoGram, and one for DungeonMarauders. As for Facebook, I have my personal one that I use for friends/family, then a page for SPQRSoft and one for Dungeon Marauders. I also have 3 Google+ profiles that match my Facebook profiles. As I create more things, under this model, I will end up with more and more profiles. I think it's time to do some pruning.

I think what might be ideal is to spin up a "doing business as" with RadicalBomb Games. Create social profiles on G+ and Facebook. Then if I'm talking about a game, it should come from RadicalBomb games, if I'm talking about a productivity app it should come from SPQRSoft.  The exception is Twitter. On twitter each app should have it's own profile, and I just retweet those posts from both the relevant company and from my personal account. OR, perhaps I should not use the twitter accounts for the business brands and keep everything under my personal brand.

The goal of all of this is so that people who have connected with me on one social network hear about things that I'm doing that they might be interested in. If someone has connected with my about Dungeon Marauders, there's a good chance that they might be interested in the dice game I'm working on. They probably wouldn't want to hear too much about KudoGram. Conversely, teachers who have connected with my about KudoGram will want to know about my next thing to make their lives easier, but they won't want their feed flooded with information about Dungeon Marauders.

The difficult part of this is that I don't really want to run 2 different websites. I'm pretty happy with If I'm doing all of my social outposts as RadicalBomb Games, it would be weird to send people to I guess I could add a page here on for each of the games. SPQRSoft could have small landing pages since that company would still serve as the publisher.

If you're still with me, let me know what you think. Just get in touch with me on any of the outposts listed above.