Sunday Morning: Caffeine + Fear

I have a habit on weekend mornings of getting myself well caffeinated, motivated, and spinning my wheels because it's time that I should be spending with my family instead of working. I'm solo parenting this weekend, so today is no exception.

I'm still waiting on Apple to approve KudoGram, so I can't send out review copies yet. It's only been three days, so I'm not expecting it to be approved for a couple more days. I'm really motivated to be pushing that, but I need to wait.

I think that I have a bit of a branding problem with SPQR Soft. The thing is, I'm alternating between working on games like Dungeon Marauders and productivity apps like KudoGram. My mission statement is to "Make Apps that entertain, educate, or make the world a better place". So, both types of apps fall into that statement, but they have different audiences. Sure, there are leaders and teachers who are also interested in video games. I'm afraid that I'm trying to lump two different audiences together and alienating both in the process. Maybe this is just the fear talking. Maybe I really do need to differentiate the two things. I'll happily take feedback.