Origins 2014

It's been over a week since I got back from Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio, so I'm a little overdue to do a debriefing here.  Rather than do this day by day, I'm going to do it subject by subject.

I sat down and played two different RPGs. One was Will Hindmarch's Project Dark, which was just as amazing as I expected it to be. The other was Tracy Barnett's Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone. It's the second time I've played Iron Edda, and I'll be running it for Tracy at GenCon, so you could say I'm already a fan. I mainly played that to get a better feel for how Tracy runs it so I can do it justice at GenCon. I also played a short demo of Damage Report. It's a game I already own, and I really just wanted to sit down so I would know how to play it.

One of my reasons for going to Origins was to promote Dungeon Marauders. I had a booth beast at both the IGDN booth and the Obatron Productions booth. I also had two 2 hour blocks hanging at the IGDN booth doing demos of it. It wasn't the resounding success that one would hope for, but it did pick up a few new players. I also talked to more companies about doing booth beasts at GenCon. I'm hoping to have a bigger splash there.

I also brought Fey-Ball (my Game Chef game) along to do some ninja play testing. I got two different groups of people to give it a try, and it gave me some great information. I've noticed across all playtests, that no one ever used the spell casting action. So I'm taking it out completely and instead giving each character a permanent spell like effect. I'll be doing play tests of the next version at GenCon at the First Exposure Playtest Hall.

The best part of Origins is that it's a lower key convention, so it's a good one for networking. I was able to meet quite a few new people, and get to know other people better. In general the game developers that I've met have all been stand up people that I'm glad to know. I'm also in talks with a couple of people to do apps to tie into their games. Nothing is finalized, but I'm really excited for some of the possibilities.

Overall, the convention was a great experience. Would go again. A+++