Dungeon Marauders Update 7/15/14

I made a slight change to Dungeon Marauders today.  Now dungeons that you delve in will only be selected from dungeons where the owner has logged into the game within the last two days. If you are an active player, you should see more people going into your dungeon. If you aren't active, maybe you should play more. This was done on the server, so it's active now. All the dungeons in the game were set to last updated a few minutes ago. Players won't really see a difference for two days. I'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure that it works well.

I'll be doing more updates to the game as we head towards GenCon.

I also got a set of Moo Cards in to pass around GenCon. I'm super happy with how they turned out. I learned at Origins that I really need something to hand people when I talk to them about the game. Mini cards are a risk in that they can be lost, but I'm hoping the art is awesome enough that people will hang on to them.


  1. Those look pretty cool. I'll have to steal one from you at Gen Con.


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