Really, I try to make blogging be more than a weekly thing... it just doesn't seem to happen. Okay, I just looked at my post history and realized that I only posted once in June. I seriously need to set some sort of goal to build a habit. Maybe something really simple like Warren Ellis's Morning.Computer.

I don't think I've talked about Game-Chef and my game Fey-Ball at all.  Game-Chef is a global table-top game design competition done in early May. I know quite a few people who have participated in the past. I wasn't going to get involved in it, because I have plenty of other things going on in my life. After reading the list of ingredients on it, my brain took over and came up with a fun little game called Fey-Ball. The ingredients are words that have to be incorporated into the game. This year they were Glitter, Absorb, Wild, and Sickle. The requirement is to use 2-3 of them.

Given some idle time to think about it, my brain said "Absorb, Wild, Glitter... that sounds like fairies playing dodgeball with wild magic to me." So, I wrote up Fey-Ball as a dice game about fairies playing dodgeball with a bit of a hot-potato mechanic since it's wild magic. The game is really fast to play. Games can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

What I submitted to my reviewers really wasn't a finished version of the game. It didn't get picked for the finals, but I did get a lot of good feedback. I revised the game a bit, took it to Origins, and got even more feedback. I'm working on some more revisions of it, and I'll be play testing it at Gen-Con in August. I'm hoping to keep refining it over the rest of 2014, and probably do a kickstarter for it in 2015.  The kickstarter will really be there to pay for art and production costs. By itself, the game is just a collection of 6 character cards. Each player uses a card, and there needs to be a big pile of dice in the middle of the table. I'd like to expand that to 20 character cards (which would require 20 pieces of art). I'm not too focused on the details of the kickstarter right now, I just want to get the gameplay polished.

If you want to give it a try, get ahold of me. (twitter, email, whatever) I'll be playtesting it (hopefully a lot) at GenCon. If you're not going, then get ahold of me and we'll work something out.