After a year of trying life as a freelance app developer, I've decided to go back to working full time. I was offered a job at the school district in Thermopolis (where I used to work) as a full time teacher. I'll be teaching Yearbook, Graphic Design, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

I'm excited, because as opposed to last time, I'll only have one job title. Before, I was trying to balance being a teacher and being the IT guy, and it was frustrating to try to balance them. My classroom will be the computer lab, and I'll be the only teacher using that room. Previously when I was there, we had 4 teachers sharing it.

This last year was good. It was a fun experiment to see if I could make it creating videogames for a living. Because, while I was doing other apps, making videogames was my primary goal. I discovered that marketing is incredibly difficult, and not something that I'm good at. I could take on more freelance IT work, make better money, and still have a decent amount of time to make games, but I'm burned out on fixing other people's problems.

I'm not going to stop making games, but now I won't stress about how much money they're generating. I feel like I have more freedom to work on the things that strike my fancy, instead of working on the thing that I'm trying to finish. I still plan on kickstarting Fey Ball this coming spring, that hasn't changed. I now also have better access to a bunch of high school students for playtesting purposes.

I find it interesting that when I had a job before, I spent many of my evenings working on apps. When I started spending my days making apps, I wasn't interested in working on them in the evenings. Something my Dad said to my brother many years ago is "Don't confuse your hobby with your vocation." I think I understand better what that means now.


  1. Best of luck, Steve (and Sarah). I'm sure this past year was fun, stressful, eye-opening, and full of growth. I bet you learned a lot - I find I learn the most about MYSELF when I take a risk, and come out the other side better for it in some way.


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