Depression and Robin Williams

The news of Robin Williams's death spread across the internet this afternoon like wildfire. When I first heard, I had to sit down for a few minutes. I've always been a fan of the majority of the work that I've seen. I watched a LOT of Mork and Mindy growing up. So, the news hit me pretty hard.

According to the news, Mr. Williams has been suffering from severe depression, and took his own life. I don't really understand depression, and as someone who isn't suffering from it, I don't think I'm capable of understanding it. This last year though, I feel like at least my awareness of it has grown. Mainly a combination of being around the fine folk at Cloud Peak Counseling Center where I have done some freelance IT work, and reading blog posts and tweets from people like Will Hindmarch.

Before this year, I didn't know that severe depression is considered to be as debilitating as being paraplegic. I still don't truly know what it's like to suffer from it, and I hope that I never do. I do know that I'll never tell someone who is suffering to just snap out of it, or just to cheer up; because that's like telling a cancer patient to just stop having cancer.

Maybe, I've learned enough that I can have more compassion towards those who are suffering, and I think that's something that people can use. Please, if you are suffering in some way, get help. If you aren't, then please learn more about it, and understand that it is a disease.


  1. Williams was also bipolar, which even medicated is its own special sort of hell.


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