Gen Con 2014 Post Con Post

Another year, another Gen Con. I had a really great con this year. I have a lot to catch up on, so this will be pretty short.

Wednesday night was the IGDN social, and the Diana Jones award ceremony. The IGDN thing was huge, and awesome. By my count we had over 90 show up. I got to put a lot of faces to names that I already knew either in the network directly or on Google+/Twitter.

Thursday started out with me racing around to give Dungeon Marauder Booth Beasts to booths and then I went and ran my first game of Iron Edda. That game went well, the players really seemed to enjoy the setting, and the session ended with them fighting a giant iron dragon that threw fireballs.

Friday I had two play tests of Fey Ball with another game of Iron Edda in the evening. I'll talk about Fey Ball in it's own paragraph. That Iron Edda game also went really well, and very different than the first game. They players ended up stopping a wedding of the Jarl's son. It's just interesting to see how things can go very different routes with Fate based games even when they start with the same seeds. After Iron Edda finished, I hopped over to Games on Demand and played Afro future, which was awesome and hilarious.

Saturday I had two more Fey Ball play tests. I had good, but mixed reactions to Fey Ball through the weekend. One guy couldn't get past the concept of Fairies playing dodgeball, and his group overall said that the game was fun, but wasn't fun enough. I'm afraid I may have tainted that group with my personal perceptions before they started playing, so I'm not putting too much stock into it. My Saturday play tests were both really good. I revised a couple mechanical things between the two days, and perhaps those were what made the game really groove. The thing I think I really need to do is just many many more play tests.

After finishing my last Fey Ball session, I ran two games of Fate Accelerated Space Pirates. While I was setting up for Iron Edda on Friday, a girl came up and asked if I could run a game for her and friends some other time in the weekend, as she had just gotten the book Fate Core book, and wanted to learn the game before running it for her friends. So Saturday afternoon, we found an empty table, gathered and played a very fast, off books game of space pirates. It went well I think. I really focused more on teaching the system, and all the things that can be done with it. Since we were using Fate Accelerated instead of Fate Core, I also showed some of the differences between the systems. After finishing that game, I ran my scheduled game of Fate Accelerated Space Pirates. I think it gelled pretty smoothly. It probably shouldn't have been a 4 hour session though. I was really pushing the story to make it last 3 hours, and I was getting pretty exhausted by that point.

Sunday I played in John Adamus's Noir World. I had a blast playing it, and I'm looking forward to the game coming together as a complete product. After that game I finally got to spend a large swath of time in the expo hall. I got shirts for a few buddies who asked me to get them something, and bought more xwing minis that I still haven't unboxed. After the expo hall closed, I helped tear down the IGDN booth, then went to dinner with a bunch of the IGDN folk.

I achieved all of the goals I had for the weekend, so I would say that this year's Gen Con was a success. Now I have to go back to the real world.