Playtesting Fey Ball

I've launched a mailing list called Fey Ball Insiders.  It's going to be  my first line of communication about updates to Fey Ball. It's also where I am distributing the play test document for Fey Ball, so if you're interested in trying it out, that's where you want to go.  Sign up here.

I've done a couple more play tests in recent weeks, and things have gone quite well. I did a game with a group of high school students, and they all loved the game. Several of them signed up to be Insiders, and will be playing it with their families during the holidays. I'm feeling very confident in the overall game design. The current play test has 12 fairies in it. They need some balancing, but I am happy with what they do. I've also been working on more thorough directions so that it can be played without me in the room. This is a huge step.

I spent a couple hours on Saturday evening putting together demo kits. I have three of them, one I'm keeping in my hot little hands, and two that I'm loaning out to people.  Putting these together has allowed me to figure out what all needs to be in the box. The demo kits are using glass counters, but the final version will have punch board pieces instead.

These demo kits have me really excited because it's a thing I can hold and say "This is Fey Ball".