I Had a Break For Once

Today is the last day of the first real Christmas break I've had in... 13 years. It wasn't as productive of a break as I would have liked, but I did get some good family time in.

I did have a good conversation about Fey Ball. I'm going to do some playtests that will essentially try some things to reduce the number of dice in the box. Right now the game needs 37 dice, and that's not something that can effectively be produced at a price point that is feasible. I have some blank dice and printable stickers coming in from Amazon this week so I can also try the game out with custom dice.

I also worked a bit on making a mobile SHMUP game in Swift. Primarily because I need to practice Swift more for my classes this semester. I've been wanting to make a SHMUP game for quite a while so it was a two birds with one stone type of thing. I'm not sure that I'll keep going on this one. The prototype that I have is functional, but it feels like it's going to need a lot of work to be something that's fun to play. Maybe someday I'll be inspired to do something more with it, until then it's going on the shelf.

I think right now my game design focus is just going to be on Fey Ball for a while. If my next playtests go well, I'll go into details about the changes to the game here.