Redesigning for Feasible Production

I guess it's been a while since I posted an update about Fey Ball.  I have done some updates on the Fey Ball Insiders mailing list. (Sign up!)

First off, Jim Romer has been working on a new logo for me, and helping a bit with art direction. The results of which are above. The logo isn't set in stone yet, but that's pretty close to what the final version should be.

I've been working on pricing out production of the game, and it has become apparent that including 37 dice just isn't going to be practical. So, I've changed to having mana tokens to represent the dice, and just 8 dice for rolling.  I bought a big pile of blank dice and some printable .5" labels to make custom dice. The image below shows the dice for one set along with some quick tokens I made using the same stickers. The idea was to just use these dice for the prototypes and move to custom engraved dice for the final game. That may turn out too expensive, so I'm looking into using dice that are indented and meant to have stickers on them.

I wanted to get my prototype as close as I could to a manufactured version so I went to Print & Play Productions, and ordered some chipboard tokens. I also redesigned the icons for the health and overload tokens using some icons from  The tokens turned out pretty nice, and were affordable.

Last night I worked on condensing the character cards down to a tarot card size. This may make production a bit cheaper (I'm checking on it), and it does open up the options for more manufacturers. I think the new layout is much tighter. I also played around a bit with the overload indicator. Right now I think it's too busy, I'll probably do some playing with it yet. 

What I really need to do next is get some actual play videos together. Maybe that'll be next weekend's project.