Steve on Snapchat

I've become a bit enamored lately with Snapchat. If you don't know Snapchat is a service where you send images and videos either to select friends, or to your story.  Things that go directly to friends can only be viewed by those friends once, and only for a few seconds. Things that go to your story are available to view for 24 hours, then they are gone. This gives Snapchat a bit of an ephemeral feel to it. It actually has fairly simple, yet powerful annotating tools for the images.

Snapchat kind of got big as teenagers started using it early on to send naked pictures of themselves to each other. That landed it in a land of infamy for a while that it's starting to crawl out of in my eyes.

What interests me is people who are working on creating and delivering content on the service. Baratunde Thurston is on there as Snapatunde. He'll often post a 5-10 clip long piece on his story that is interesting and engaging. They'll often alternate between images and videos. Mashable also posts interesting things that usually are about a story that they are working on.

Other people I find interesting to follow are Warren Ellis, Nick Bilton, and Snapchat superstar Shonduras (who is probably the highest paid snapchatter).

Snapchat recently added a discover feature. While that is a way to get news to regular users, it's not very well implemented in my opinion, and not very interesting. I'm only mentioning it because when people hear me talk about interesting things happening on Snapchat, they think that's what I'm talking about. It isn't.

I recently issued a challenge to a colleague. He's a science teacher who has flipped his classroom. You can find most of his videos on Youtube. I'm challenging him to deliver a lesson through Snapchat. He'll probably need to also post the lesson on Youtube, but I'm curious to see what kind of engagement he sees on Snapchat. He'll have to break it down into 10-12 second chunks, and probably only 10 of them at most. I'm trying to think of a concept in one of my classes that I can break down and do the same with.

I can't promise that my snaps are as interesting as what those above are posting, but you can see my snaps by friending Stevenpaulr.