Come be a Pirate with me at Gen Con

The Gen Con events are now up and browse-able. I'm GMing four different sessions. All four are Fate Accelerated, and they are all newbie friendly. All four sessions also only run 2 hours each. You may notice a bit of a theme here. I have some ideas about how I think one should run Pirate based games in Fate, and I'm planning on compiling those ideas into a PDF this summer. I ran a few Space Pirate games last year, and they were all a blast.

Pirates - Thursday 6pm

Sky Pirates - Saturday 12pm

Space Pirates - Saturday 6pm

Under-Sea Pirates - Sunday 10am

I'm also a panelist this year on "Education & Games: With, In, & How To"
This panel is going to cover both games in education, and advise from educators on how to teach game rules.

For the rest of the convention, I think I'm going to keep my schedule mostly open, and just hop into games at Games on Demand when I want to play something. Pretty much everything I want to play will be in there anyway.