School is out for the summer here. This is the first real summer break I'm getting in over a decade. So, of course I'm loading myself up with lots of projects. I've entered into a writing challenge with one of my colleagues, where we each have to write at least 500 words a day. We have a spreadsheet where we are tallying number of days with the target hit, and total number of words. Either something good will happen to the winner, or something bad will happen to the loser. We actually haven't decided our reward/consequences yet. I'm sitting here writing this while half of my family is still asleep, because competition.

Dungeon Marauders
I have fixing that weird bug where dungeon cards disappear as a to do item in Dungeon Marauders. I'm having trouble replicating the issue, but I have an idea for at least a work around. It's been well over a year since release, and right now I get about 30 people playing it each day. Not something I'm going to get rich from, but for my first real game release, I think that's pretty cool.

Fey Ball
I'm working on getting the game down to a minimum viable product that I can bring to GenCon as an ashcan release. I'll either do something through drivethrucards or gamecrafter. It will very likely be in the form of a small deck of cards that count on the players to gather the rest of the components. Most people who go to GenCon will have the rest of the components in their house, or at least they will be somewhere where they can get them. I might try to include a set of stickers so that they can at least customize the dice. Budget wise, the full package game really only becomes feasible if I can sell somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 copies, and I just don't have the name recognition to do that.

Project: Security
I picked up a piece of freelance writing for an existing RPG. I can't really go into details, but it involves cyberpunk and my background in IT will come in handy for this one. I'm currently in the research phase of this, both learning the game system and looking into real world equivalent things. Yea, I know that's very vague.

Project: Debacle
I need to put together a price pitch for a programming project. It's to do some updates on an existing tool. Right now I need to figure out how long it's going to take me to do it, and estimate a cost. It would involve in brushing up on Javascript, which I really need to do. The project will be intrinsically rewarding, and I need to balance that with the extrinsic reward that I ask for.

I want to update Kudogram so that it can be run from an Apple Watch. I realize that the market for this is essentially me, but it'll be good experience programming for the watch. This app really hasn't taken off, I still think it has potential, it just needs the right publicity.

Unnamed Pirate Project
I've mentioned in the past that I want to write a guide to running Pirate based games in Fate. It's very much still in the planning phase. My next step on this is to put on paper(Evernote) an outline of the book. Once I get through a draft of the thing, I'll probably take a look at it and decide if it's something I want to push through Kickstarter to get some money to add art, or if I just want to make it a super simple PDF release.

I also have a variety of things for school that I need to do over the summer. Primarily working on my curriculum for next year, re-familiarizing myself with Java, and putting together an edcamp that some colleagues and I are planning.

First I need to clean a year's worth of clutter out of my office so that I can get back into freelance mode. It's a rainy day today, so that would be a good thing to work on.