Broken Barrier: Arsirl & The Demon

One of the projects I've been writing is a series set slightly in the future where the barriers between this world and the magical world have broken down. This is a flash fic thing I just wrote about one of the characters. 

Arsirl stood in a dark alley looking at his opponent. The demon was lit from the reflections of neon lights from the adjacent street. Steam rose from the creature as its inhuman heat caused the rain to evaporate almost as soon as it touched its body. They stood facing each other with a sword in hand and stripped down to the waist. They had both shed all of their tech and extra protective clothing. The spare equipment lay strewn about the alley at their feet. The accords of the duel demanded it.

The demon had also shed it’s human guise. Its skin was black mottled with dark grey. It stood about eight feet tall, and had horns protruding from its head. Some may have called it cliche, but those cliches came from somewhere. Arsirl himself, being an elf, was a bit shorter than an average human. His muscles were lean and taut. He had long silver hair in a ponytail that was matted to his back from the rain. Water dripped from the extended tips of his ears.

Even though Arsirl had faced demons similar to this one countless times over the past several hundred years that he had been roaming this Earth, he was concerned.  With the tear in the barrier between the worlds, this one was able to pull more power to itself than any he had faced in the past.

Arsirl spent weeks trying to trace this demon down. It was pulled into this world when a group of teenagers found an ancient text describing the summoning ritual, and thought it would be fun to give it a go. The whole lot of them were found the next morning burned to a crisp. The authorities were still figuring out how to deal with magic in the world, and had no idea what to do with this case.

Once Arsirl found out about it, he did what he does: hunt bad things that aren’t supposed to be in this world. Weeks of chasing clues and talking to people on both sides of the barrier brought him to this alley.

The demon broke their standoff, and went on the offensive.  It chargedin with a massive overhead swing. Arsirl brought his blade up hilt first at a sharp slope. The demons swing slid down Arsirl’s blade leaving the elf reeling from the power behind it, but unharmed. He knew that he would not be able to let this fight last for very long. He was the more skilled fighter, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with this power level for very long.

A follow up swing was coming for Arsirl’s head. He quickly ducked and flicked his katana out cutting the demon in the bicep. The demon howled in pain. Arsirl was a bit relieved to find out that even with the mass amounts of power this thing had acquired, it could still feel pain. He quickly spun again slicing upward leaving a long rend in the demon’s back.

He suddenly felt the back of the demon’s fist hit him in the face, then he felt himself hit a brick wall of one of the buildings that they were fighting between. He decided that second strike was a bit greedy. His jaw hurt a lot, and was possibly broken. He didn’t have time to deal with that right now though. He forced his mind back into focus. The demon was facing him ready for another strike.

Arsirl went in first. He feinted toward to demon’s face getting the it to raise its sword to block. He then struck at one of the demon’s exposed wrists nearly severing the hand. It screamed a scream the likes of which hadn’t been heard on Earth in centuries. More importantly, it dropped its sword. With the demon defenseless, Arsirl struck high and ended the creature.

Arsirl knew that authorities would be coming. He’d talked to them in the past, and he wasn’t too fond of the experience. He picked up his belongings, and disappeared leaving the cops to wonder at the spectacle of a dead monster in the alley.