FeyBall at GenCon

I wrote a bit ago about what games I'm GMing at GenCon this year. At the time I wasn't really sure what I was doing with FeyBall, so I didn't write about it then.

I will have FeyBall available as a preview release at GenCon. What you can get is 18 fairy cards and 6 overload cards along with an instruction sheet for the low low price of $5. It'll be at the IGDN booth #734. As it's a preview release, it's not everything you need to play the game. You will still need dice and tokens. Fortunately the dealer hall at GenCon is a great place to get both of those things. (And to be honest, if you're at GenCon, there's a really good chance that you already have everything you need at home.)

I'll be at the booth running demos on Thursday from 12-2pm and Friday from 2-4pm. Alternatively, I'll always have a copy of the game with me, and I'll be up for adhoc games anytime that I don't have something else going on. Easiest way to find me will probably be twitter.

I have 100 copies of the game that I'll be taking with me. I have no expectation that I'll sell anywhere near that many, but I'm being optimistic. For $5, you never know.

Where I go with the game after GenCon really depends on how well it sells. If it proves that the demand is there that I think there is, I'll push forward toward Kickstarter.

I've took time this week to really nail down the instruction sheet text. I got it laid out in InDesign, and it all fits on a 7"x9" piece of paper that can be folded down to fit right in with the cards. You can check it out at the FeyBall link on the top. While you're in there, you should go ahead and sign up to be an insider.

If you're there I hope you at least come and check the game out. I'm really proud of it, and I'm excited to see how people respond to it.