FeyBall Fiction: Skygleam's first tournament

Skygleam entered the grove of the ancient Mana Fountain. The spring of magical energies sat in the middle of a large clearing. Each month, during the full moon the various courts of fairies compete for control of the Fountain. This was the night that control of the fountain was up for grabs. The court that controls the fountain is holds control over all the kingdoms of Fey. Each court is allowed to send in a team of three of their champions to compete in the timeless game of Dodgeball. They called it FeyBall.

This was Skygleam’s first time on her court’s champion team. She had been training for several years to make the cut, and because of her hard work and dedication, she was finally good enough. This last month she spent training daily with her two teammates, Olivespark and Cocoahop. She looked across the clearing and could see the teams from the other three courts. Each of the players that she saw had earned their place in the games moons ago and were veteran players. She knew who each and every one of them was.

Soon it was time for their first match against the Fall court. She hovered with her team on one side of the clearing with the other team hovering on the opposite. The fountain sat in the middle with magical energy flowing out from it into the air.

A bell rang, and immediately everyone started to gather the mana from the air into ball shapes in front of them. One of the opponents threw their ball at Skygleam fairly quickly. They didn’t spend much time trying to build it up and it was easy for her to dodge. It’s energy was pulled into the ball that she was gathering. With the energy of the two combined, she threw it back at the fairy who threw it at her to start with. He howled out as the ball exploded into his shoulder taking away one of his health points. He still had two left before he was out of the game.

Skygleam started to gather mana for another attack while keeping an eye on what was going on across the rest of the field. It looked like Olivespark had amassed a huge amount of mana and was getting ready to throw it at an opponent. His control over the mana slipped and the energies exploded right in front of him costing him a health point.

Once Skygleam had enough energy built up that it was worth throwing she threw it again at the one she hit before trying to get him out of the game quickly. It looked like the ball was going to miss, but she had a unique talent. She relaxed her mind, and reached out with her senses. She could feel the ball hurtling across the field. She was able to nudge it just a little, not enough to completely change it’s course, but enough to make it hit her opponent. His eyes went wide as he saw the ball curve in the air and come right for him. From the look on his face, she could tell that he wasn’t going to treat her like a rookie anymore.

The match went on for several more minutes as the fairies on each team pulled together enough mana to throw at their opponents. Stronger balls were harder to dodge, but were more likely to overload and explode while being gathered.
Eventually Skygleam found herself in a difficult situation, she was the only one left on her team, and the other team still had two players. Everyone was down to their last health point. The game had gone on for a while, so the mana was starting to get more volatile and hard to control. She threw a weaker ball at her closest opponent. She didn’t have much hope of it hitting him, but she hoped that it would get sucked into the energy he was gathering and cause it to overload on him. It’s a trickier move, but a safer way to play. It worked, as soon as the mana from her throw was gathered into his ball, it exploded taking his last health point.

Now she only had one opponent left. They each started gathering energy into a ball. The other fairy tried doing the same move she did and threw an underpowered ball at her. It got pulled into the ball she was building. She could feel the wild energies roiling between her hands. She focused on her efforts to keep it under control just long enough to throw the combined mana back. It took her last bit of effort, but she launched it back across the field. With a little nudge from Skygleam, it hit her opponent square in the chest and finished her off.

The match was theirs. Her teammates flew to her and hugged her in celebration. She had proven herself in her first match on the champion team. Now she would have to repeat the effort soon against the winning team of the match that was about to take place.

“Bring it on!” She thought. The victory built her confidence and she felt like she could win against anyone.