GenCon 2015 Post Convention Post

I'm a bit later this year writing my wrap up post. I journaled my way through the convention this year pretty heavily, so I have something like 3000 words written up about every detail of the convention. That's really just for my own uses as I reflect back, so I'll just put here more of a highlight reel that is not in any sort of chronological order.

I brought Fey Ball to the convention as a for sale product for the first time. I sold approximately 20 copies of the ash can of it, which is respectable, but not earth shatteringly awesome. I had three demo times at our booth to show it off. Most people that I showed it to enjoyed it. A few people said they were going to wait for the Kickstarter instead of buying it on the spot. I need to talk to some people about it's future to see where to go from here.

I ran four different games of Fate Pirates. I very much treated them as teaching Fate sessions. I may have a project in the future that's related to these games, but I really just ran them to have fun. All of my groups seemed to enjoy the games, and I even learned a couple things by running the sessions. Almost every player I had either had no experience with Fate, or had played the older Dresden Files version of it. Most of them were there to learn the game, which was the exact audience I was trying to attract.

I also ran a game of Hana Academy for Jesse Butler and Morgan Weeks. That game, also based on Fate, for some reason attracted a very different player base. Three of the players at the table GM fate games at home. It was very different to not have to teach the rules. The game was a lot of fun, and quite silly. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for the final product.

This year I attended both the Diana Jones Award and the Ennie Awards. I did the DJAs last year, and it was much the same experience. A loud bar full of game designers and an acceptance speech that I couldn't hear. It was my first time attending the Ennies. It was much more traditional awards ceremony. There was some time for mingling and drinking, but for the most part it was just award announcements and acceptance speeches. There was some drama going on that I won't go into, but by the time it was over, it seemed to me that half the people had left.

This year's convention had the 5K race that was the goal of my training over the last few months. The race was super early for being a convention event (6:30 AM). I ran with Curtis and Abe. We got there much earlier than we probably had to and got all set up so that all three of us could race. There weren't many costumes in the race. The big one was a trio of game developers wearing dinosaur costumes to promote their game Raptor Race. I was able to run the whole thing with a time of 32 minutes. I'm happy with the time, and really super happy that I did it.

There was also a lot of visiting with people that I had met in previous years and interacted with online, and meeting new people. Much Steak and Shake was consumed, and a good time was had. I'm already looking forward to going back next year.


  1. Thank you for running Hana Academy! It was awesome of you to step like that, I truly appreciate it. Kudos for the 5K - you earned that Steak and Shake.


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