The Current Focus of Online Presence

School's started, and like most other people I'm getting back into the routine of things.

One of my new classes is Online Media, which is really trying to be a modern student newspaper. The plan that I have right now is to have the students post to a blog that gets automatically Tweeted and posted to Facebook. (funny that tweeted is an acceptable word, but facebooked isn't).  I am also running a class Instagram account and Youtube account that also automatically get Tweeted and posted to Facebook. There is also a class snapchat which of course lives in it's own little world.

Somehow, I feel like this is the set up that it should have been using a year ago. Things change too fast. Most of the journalists I was following on Snapchat have stopped using it or have moved to the Discover portion of the app. (which of course, I cannot do.) NYTimes and NPR were both doing pretty interesting things on the platform, but they have stopped. I'm wondering if that's just because there isn't a way to monetize it.

Blogs are kind of a thing of the past. Sure, Mashable and Buzzfeed are still out there doing their thing, and people are getting that content through Facebook. But the kids today don't use Facebook anymore. Twitter has slightly more traction in my school, but not much. Instagram and Snapchat are really where the kids are in my School, but those aren't places you can pipe content into.

The Youtube account that I had set up was kind of an afterthought, but when I mentioned to the kids that we had Youtube, that's where they got the most excited. I may need to really re-think my strategy and have students create more videos and less text articles. It's not really the way I was planning on running the class; being adaptable is necessary to being part of the Internet today.


  1. Yes on the creation of video for your media presence in the high school. That's where online media is going for the generation in high school now. We were lucky to have a video production class in our middle school. If I hadn't retired last year, I would have proceeded to learn how to imbed videos into online newspapers using Adobe InDesign, or some other platform.

    If you wish, I can dig up and share some of the video production materials I developed while I was teaching that class.


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