Things I enjoy: Overcast

Sometimes I feel needed to share things that I'm finding enjoyment or usefulness out of in my life.

A couple weeks ago I got a new stereo in my car that supports Apple Car Play. It's honestly not the most refined thing Apple has ever put out, but it gets the job done. I have been using Downcast as my podcast app of choice for a few years now. Downcast however doesn't support Car Play, so I went on the hunt for a new application.

I found Overcast as being one that does support Car Play so I put some research into it. Everywhere I read said that it was free, but had a $5 in app purchase to unlock more feature including Car Play. I downloaded it to check it out, and found that the $5 purchase has been removed and that the free version is now the full version.

Marco Arment is the guy behind Overcast. He's also the original lead programmer behind tumblr and he created instapaper. So, he has some pretty serious cred behind his name. He wrote in a blog post that only 20% of users were paying for the full version, and he didn't want 80% of his users not using the full version. So he made it free, and put in a purchase that is essentially a tip jar.

I love that it's not the app that Marco thought the world needed; it's the app that he needed. Which is really how some of the best things out there are made.

Anyway, I'm personally finding the app to be better than Downcast in just about every way. The interface is much cleaner and it supports Car Play and Apple Watch. It also seems more reliable about downloading new episodes. If you're an iOS person, and you listen to podcasts, you should at least check out Overcast.