Post Gen Con Thoughts 2017

I'm not going to do the usual break everything down that happened to me at Gen Con post this year. I did have a great time, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I think this is the first time I introduced myself to someone on Friday who said that we had just met on Wednesday. To be fair, I was playing host to an event on Wednesday and introduced myself to something like 100 people in the course of 3 hours.

The playtests that I did on my western game went really well. It did give me a lot to think about what I need to put into the final text of the game. I'm going to have to work on having the players develop their towns into something that feels a bit more real and give them quicker roads to feel like their are improving the town with their actions. I specifically had one player mention after the game that he was looking forward to doing something to improve the town. This is something that I'm going to have to put some major thought into and work on going forward.

This might be a little inside baseball for some, but the game uses town mechanics lifted from No Country for Old Kobolds. That game has you create wants for you town, and the players go on adventures to get those things the town wants. They are often things like fresh food or water. Things that can run out, and you keep going back to get. For a story about a bunch of kobolds, that totally works. For a more historical game about a diverse group of people in a Wyoming town, it kind of falls apart. The business owner, the sheriff and the youth aren't going to go adventuring together to get clean water every other week. They might go off to fix something upstream that is causing the local creek to reduce it's flow, which makes it more of a one time attack on a resource.

More thought required.

More coffee is also required.