The Nihilist Game Designer

Gaming conventions, Gen Con in particular, seem to eat game designers. Everyone I know seems to be in the midst of "aaaaa gotta get all the things done, Gen Con is coming!"

I commented on a friend's Facebook post:
GenCon prep never really ends, there's just a point where you are at GenCon muddying through as best you can with the prep that happened. Then it's over and Metatopia prep starts. #nihilistgamedesigner
Which is of course very depressing, and really, it's not that bad. Yes, there is a lot to do, and sure, there are things I'd like to have finished that won't get done. But, with one week until I start traveling, the list of things that I need to have finished, is getting pretty short. I'm excited for the convention, and I hope most are in the same boat as me.

Just don't ask a lot of game designers this week. They probably are quite busy.