Travel Anxiety

I get really unnatural anxiety over flying. I don't have any problems with the actual part of hurtling through the air in a metal tube at hundreds of miles an hour. That part is fine, I worry about missing my flights and getting to places in time.

Tonight, I'm driving to Billings so that I can get up early in the morning to go to the airport for my 6AM flight. I woke up this morning at 4:30 with my stomach in knots.

I'm worried that I'll miss my alarm tomorrow morning.
I'm worried that I'll forget to turn it on.
I'm worried that the security lines will be really long.
I'm worried that the lines to check my luggage will be really long.

I'm worried that I'm so worried I'll have trouble falling asleep tonight making tomorrow morning even more difficult.

My flight leaves at 6, I can probably get away with getting to the airport at 5:15. I'll get there much before that. I'll set my alarm for 4. My anxiety will wake me up earlier. I'll probably leave the hotel at 4 am, and get to the airport at 4:15.

I know that it'll be fine, but my stomach is still in knots.

Once I get to the gate, I'll be fine. Today, I'm worried.


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