Apathy Towards Today's Apple Event

Today a slug of new Apple devices are going to get announced. I am fairly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem and this is probably the least excited I've ever been for an announcement. Which is a bit strange because I'm a mobile app developer.

Part of it is because I won't be upgrading this time around. It's only been a year since I got my phone, and I don't have to have the newest to keep making apps. I haven't even really been following the news to see what they're going to be releasing. I know that there's something about a phone where screen goes edge to edge on the top and bottom, and it sounds like there might be a new Apple TV that can handle 4K video.

iOS 11 will probably come out today as well, which all I really know about it is that it will break some of the apps that I have in the app store.

I have a pair of meetings this afternoon that begin halfway through the presentation, so I won't watch very much of it live. I'll have to go find a good summary after it's over to see what all was announced.

At this point, there probably won't really be anything surprising to the tech journalists who are keeping up with this sort of thing. Apple used to work really hard to surprise people, but those days have been gone for a while.